KONSINA and Sanofi Agreement

We are pleased to announce that Konsina İlaç Sanayi ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş. has entered into a commercial promotion agreement with Sanofi-Aventis İlaçları Ltd. Şti.  

For the territory of Turkey, as of Feb 2015; KONSINA is responsible for the sales, marketing and promotional activities of Docetaxel and Oxaliplatin produced by Sanofi that have a wide range of indications in the treatment of cancer.   Sanofi’s products are both globally recognizable brands within oncology and have had many established success stories in regards to quality of life and survival rates based on research.  

From their launch, (Docetaxel 1997; Oxaliplatin 2004, in Turkey) these molecules established themselves as major therapies and helped to countless patients lives. Since the initial launch of the products, they have been market leaders for many years for the treatment of specific cancers in Turkey.   We are thrilled to be part of this collaboration and continue to bring therapies and best services to people and healthcare professionals that extend and significantly improve their lives. 

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