About Us

As KONSINA our prior goal is to contribute patients' healing processes and finding solutions to improve their life qualities.

KONSINA is a pharmaceutical and biotechnology company founded in 2013. From the beginning, KONSINA's goal is to meet unmet needs of patients and pharmaceutical companies alike.

KONSINA's fundamental goal is to become a global player in the pharmaceutical industry. Acting for this purpose, KONSINA is managing 17 East Europe countries from its Turkey Office and has access more than 65 countries over the world with its strategic partners.

With more than 50 active ingredients and finished formulations, KONSINA became an important supplier of the specific products in Turkey and East Europe. In this point our primary goal is to becoming an API power with fullfilling all demands in different geographies.

KONSINA products are comply with international cGMP standards as required by the various regulatory bodies that have supplied accreditation to all manufacturing facilities. Regulatory accreditations including the US-FDA, the UK-MHRA, ANVISA Brazil, GCC, Health Canada, EMA, and MHLW Japan.

Konsina designed this website to provide general information to the public and Health Care Professionals. This information is not intended to replace your doctors, pharmacists or dentists recommendations. It is strongly recommended to follow your doctor's personal advice about your situation.